How to find job abroad over 40


Are you around 40 years old and are looking for a new job, new life experiences and do you want to explore a foreign country? This is your moment.

Working abroad is not a prerogative (or a forced choice) of young or new graduates, indeed. 

According to the latest research there are more and more over 40 years who, left without work, decide to send the CV out of their own country putting themselves at stake and ready to change their lives. For many, at this age, it’s too late. 

The 40 years, however, are often called “the new 30”: why? 

Simply because the energy and the will to live of many forties today is more comparable to a ten year less person. This is precisely the moment during which some decide to take hold of their life and pursue their passions. 

Step out of your comfort zone

If you are determined on change jobs, devoting time to your training is very important to have a good base from which to start. As for what you are capable of doing, there will be things that will do you better and other less. The more  give you the opportunity to try and try again the more you will learn and you will get almost unexpected results. 

You must believe in what you do and what you can offer with your work, if you do not believe it, you can not hope for others to believe in it. The best start is certainly to know what we are looking for. 

We will find ourselves in great difficulty and dissipate a lot of energy if we do not focus exactly what work, or which circle of work, we would like to do or would be willing to do. 

Taking the time to analyze the market in relation to our aspirations, skills and interests is essential. 

Starting question ourselves on what our skills are and how much we want to invest – time, money and effort – to create a new professional identity is the second step.

To those with confused ideas, the best choice is making your own personal survey by attending countless job search portals, analyzing the most requested professional figures, and comparing them with your own skills. 


Are you ready to find your next job?

The European Union finances the mobility of workers within the EU member states. 

For example Reactivate Project is an excellent opportunity to find a job and be relocated to a different country in the EU, with financial support. 

In another country there may be unexpected opportunities for you.

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