We build a smart workforce for today and for tomorrow

Our company deals with searching for the best skilled European workers, in order to propose, integrate and provide them the first training, according to the needs and demands of Maltese and European companies and organizations.

We work hard to achieve our goals together as a team with a clear shared purpose. We adapt to our clients changing needs in order to reach the happiness of our clients, candidates and staff. 

Our main goal is improving the workforce performance throughout a deeper and more real knowledge of themselves, recognizing their own limits, knowing how to motivate, build, manage and work in a team.


Our team

Patrizia Guerrini


Patrizia is an entrepreneur who has conducted differents  business activities in Italy, Europe and America.

Her experience range from real estate to business services and services to people. She always dealing with recruitment and training of human resources.

Over the years he has participated and organized  numerous motivational courses, about soft skills,  organisation and management of sales networks.

Davide Ravelli


Davide had a long career as psychologist and psychotherapist.

Since 1992 is involved in consultation, selection, professional education, training and coaching of managers.

In this field he has develop interpersonal and corporate communication models. He also presented them during a number of seminars in Italy, Europe and America.

Our clients